Online support, for people who want to do great things, not in spite of the turbulence of the world we live in but because of it.

I’m offering focused, structured support – in small groups, or one to one.

Mutual support machine

The group work is exciting: a kind of group coaching, in which everybody is equal – a “mutual support machine”.

You don’t need to know anyone else, or even understand each other’s business. Just turn up to support each other.

We give each other feedback and ideas – but only if that’s explicitly requested.

Between times, we hold each other to account in a private discussion forum, here on this site. We respect each other’s privacy, so nothing we hear / read here is to be repeated elsewhere.

If you want to be part of this, you may need to wait for a slot – because I’m keeping the groups small. (No more than five at a time.)

One to one

I’ve worked with hundreds of people online over the last decade. (I trained and certified in coaching in 2013.)

But I’m rationing one-to-one work, because I have a lot of my own projects. I’d much rather you tried the small groups first.

If you do that, and you still want one-to-one support, let me know.

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