We run regular online meetings, enabling individuals to check in with each other regularly, and get more done.

Think of it as a kind of online group coaching, in which everybody is equal – a “mutual support machine”.

To benefit, you don’t need to know anyone else (it may be better if you don’t). You don’t even need to understand each other’s business. Just turn up to support each other.

Through the miracle of online video conferencing, we share time equally to download whatever is on our minds.

We give each other feedback and ideas – but only if that’s explicitly requested.

Between times, we hold each other to account in a private discussion forum, here on this site. We respect each other’s privacy, so nothing we hear / read here is to be repeated elsewhere.

If you want to be part of this, you may need to wait for a slot – because I’m keeping the groups small.

You can join for as long as you like – which means you can leave at any time, with no hard feelings at my end.

I charge in advance for each month, with a discount if you sign up for longer.

Ready? Find out if there’s a space for you, HERE.

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